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This website was created in May of 2003 to host the piece This War Is About So Much More, which I had written in April and put up on a temporary website as one single large document. The response I got to that document was such that I decided to create a better website for it, which is this website. This War Is About So Much More is the first major piece I had ever written, but I enjoyed it and have continued to write on other topics as I see fit in my spare time.

What this website is not: This website is not about "conspiracy theories", or any other such nonsense. This website is about documentation that I feel, based on my own experiences growing up and living in America, is not exposed to public scrutiny to the extent that it should be. 

I do not intend to convince anyone of anything. I am merely presenting material. Just like me, everyone is free to research the facts on their own, and I encourage everyone to research anything I have presented here in further detail. All facts presented on this website are subject to challenge. If you see anything that you have proof is factually incorrect, then e-mail me and tell me, or you can do so publicly in the Feedback section. I have made changes to the material of the website based on feedback in the past.

You will find facts and analysis on this website that you will not find anywhere else presented the way that I present them. Take for example the article In Depth Analysis of American Income and Taxation. There is an inescapable fact about this article, and that fact is that all of the information in the article comes from freely available public government sources, such as the CBO and  Census Bureau, and all of the information is relatively easy to present, yet, this information, as simple, plain, and important as it is, is never presented in a meaningful manner by the American media or by American politicians. It is there; it is important; it can easily be presented, and in fact anyone who is honestly trying to encourage understanding by the public would present it, yet our leadership does not present it. Whether you agree with the opinions presented on this website or not, the fact remains that all of the information presented here is verifiable, solid, and important information. You are free to interpret that information however you want, and in a way totally opposite from the way that I have, but the question to ask is: Why isn't this information more openly discussed in America in the first place? And no, a conspiracy is not the answer.

The main goal of this website is to encourage further thought about the topics and information presented here. This is certainly not intended to be a final destination for truth seekers, only a waypoint in a sea of information.

This website is funded purely by myself, without any commercial interest. I have intentionally avoided any commercial association with this website as a matter of principle. As one of the great philosophers of our world once wrote:

There are, first of all, two kinds of authors: those who write for the subject’s sake, and those who write for writing’s sake. The first kind have had thoughts or experiences which seem to them worth communicating, while the second kind need money and consequently write for money. They think in order to write, and they may be recognised by their spinning out their thoughts to the greatest possible length, and also by the way they work out their thoughts, which are half-true, perverse, forced, and vacillating; then also by their love of evasion, so that they may seem what they are not; and this is why their writing is lacking in definiteness and clearness.

Consequently, it is soon recognised that they write for the sake of filling up the paper, and this is the case sometimes with the best authors; for example, in parts of Lessing’s Dramaturgie, and even in many of Jean Paul’s romances. As soon as this is perceived the book should be thrown away, for time is precious. As a matter of fact, the author is cheating the reader as soon as he writes for the sake of filling up paper; because his pretext for writing is that he has something to impart. Writing for money and preservation of copyright are, at bottom, the ruin of literature. It is only the man who writes absolutely for the sake of the subject that writes anything worth writing. What an inestimable advantage it would be, if, in every branch of literature, there existed only a few but excellent books! This can never come to pass so long as money is to be made by writing. It seems as if money lay under a curse, for every author deteriorates directly he writes in any way for the sake of money. The best works of great men all come from the time when they had to write either for nothing or for very little pay. This is confirmed by the Spanish proverb: honra y provecho no caben en un saco (Honour and money are not to be found in the same purse). The deplorable condition of the literature of to-day, both in Germany and other countries, is due to the fact that books are written for the sake of earning money. Every one who is in want of money sits down and writes a book, and the public is stupid enough to buy it. The secondary effect of this is the ruin of language.

A great number of bad authors eke out their existence entirely by the foolishness of the public, which only will read what has just been printed. I refer to journalists, who have been appropriately so-called. In other words, it would be “day labourer.”
-Arthur Schopenhauer, 1851; On Authorship and Style

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