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 Useful Resources:
Library of Congress - American Memory Page
US Census Bureau website.
US Freedom of Information Act Archives.
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century. This is an excellent site with loads of graphs, maps, and data that cover many aspects of the 20th century.
The First Measured Century; a statistical analysis of the 20th century.
One of the best websites I have seen that covers the issue of the Slavery in America and the Civil War. The site covers the subject objectively with from a factual and economic perspective with many historical references.
An excellent historical reference that goes into detail on many issues that are critical in understanding the world today with a well balanced perspective.
A site with an in depth look at the history of taxation in America.
William E. Dodd (US Ambassador to Germany prior to WWII) on-line library. This is an excellent source of first hand accounts of behinds the scenes politics between America and Germany during the rise of the Nazi empire.  Dodd was also a historian and this library has some of his other historical works about America as well.
LIBERALISM RESURGENT: A Response to the Right.  Excellent website filled with facts and articles. Note that Steven Kangas, the author, is dead and his website is being maintained exactly as it was by someone else. (You would think that they would at least remove his e-mail address)
This is an excellent site that deals strictly with the evaluation of propaganda, and houses a historical library of propaganda as well as evaluations of propaganda in the present day.
Open Secrets tracks campaign finance information for all political candidates, as well as covering many other economic and political issues. The web site is very detailed, well documented, and has excellent content.
Archive of writings from Marxist authors.
Mind and Machine: a discussion of the mind as machine
Mushroom Could Gallery

 Alternative Media:
The Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting web site. FAIR tracks media reports and checks them for errors and bias. FAIR is action oriented and requires the support of citizens to assist in the task of monitoring the media.
Website covering criminal and unethical corporate activity.
Hear the Issues has a good number of useful statistics and demographics neatly collected in one place.
An excellent website covering the important economic issues that America faces today. Highly recommended.
An excellent site with commentary on news and current events that cannot be found in the mainstream media.
Alternative news outlet.
A top alternative news outlet.

Coalition of Secular Voters is a community based organization that promotes the interests and political involvement of voters who support separation of church and state.
An international secular humanist and rationalist organization that is active on universities and in communities around the world and in America.
The National Science Foundation.
Apostates of Islam is an excellent resource for people leaving Islam, studying Islam, for Muslims looking for alternative views of their religion.
Website for the Iraqi Women's Rights Coalition, an Iraqi humanist group.
Adbusters is an activist organization dedicated to changing corporate culture.
Citizens for Tax Justice is an excellent organization that is accurately taking on taxation issues in America.
Rationalist International is a global community for rationalists.
The Center for American Progress: excellent summaries of current political issues.
The Federation of American Scientists is an organization of American scientists that deals largely in  in arms control and monitoring issues.
Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

 Friends of
Marshall Brian is a businessman and the developer of the popular HowStuffWorks website
A site dedicated to holding George W. Bush accountable for his countless lies and deceptions by providing a detailed list of Bush's lies from A to Z.
Roy Fischler's Home Page, which discusses many issue related to science and economics.
Blog of Richard Carrier, scholar of ancient Greece and Rome.
Website of a former minister who has left the faith.
Boulder International Humanist Institute

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